I strongly disagree, but the wank ain’t worth it: the tumblr story

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#queer margaery is my favourite headcanon for game of thrones


"Are You Queer And Interested or Am I Just An Idiot That Misunderstood" a short essay by me

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Anonymously tell me your assumptions about me and I’ll confirm or deny them.

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Though we live on the US dollar,
You and me, we got our own sense of time
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#still so fucking frustrated i didn't see this song live #didn't see them live actually #vampire weekend is amazing

The Adventures of Sarah Manning

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*at my wedding* id like to thank 2:58-3:22 of Hannah Hunt for changing my life

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i get really offended when someone doesnt sit next to me but im also relieved they didnt sit next to me

this is the most accurate thing i’ve ever read

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There are 7 billion people on this planet who I have not met, and 195 countries I have not visited. Yet I am stuck in this insignificant town, being pressured into making decisions about my future, when I barely even know who I am.
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#damn #me #about me #story of my life


Your Love Life, As Described by Videogames by Coleman Engle.

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If The Last of Us gave the player the power to choose what happened… 

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#the one thing that could make the game even better #it's a videogame #so giving the player the power to actually make decisions that change the character's story is what every game should aim for #but i guess they're more on the linear storytelling style #and thinking better TLoU works pretty well like that #nevermind all that then

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